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total body chiropractic

Specializing in Back and Neck Pain, Pregnancy & Pediatric Care

Our goal is to make your visit with Total Body Chiropractic as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Our friendly staff and gentle practitioners will put you at ease. We emphasize on-time appointments and patient-centered care in a relaxing, holistic environment. We also specialize in Pediatric care.

Dr. Walsh and her staff utilize the most advanced diagnostic equipment along with a hands-on detailed examination and history to help arrive at your diagnosis. We then educate you about your condition and provide you with specific, customized care. We also employ exercises for core stability and strength, flexibility and proper posture to help expedite recovery, prevent future exacerbation, and enable you to be as self-reliant as possible in caring for your body.
Everyone has a different custom tailored management plan. Your management plan is tailored towards you and what you would like to treat. We treat the whole body, not just the symptoms, in order to determine the underlying problem.

Cold Laser Therapy

We offer a full line of massage services.

LASER stands for Light Amplified by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Low level laser are "cold" lasers, which simply means they do not produce heat. Cold laser are either red light lasers or infrared lasers. Red light lasers penetrate relatively superficially. Infrared lasers penetrate deeper. Both types of laser are painless and very safe. Lasers can decrease pain and inflammation, increase circulation and increase cellular energy. Low Level Laser Light has unique physical properties that no ordinary light has. This is the key to why laser light is so effective compared to other kinds of light in healing. There are more than 100 double-blind positive studies confirming the clinical effect of LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy). More than 2500 research reports are published. You can find a multitude of research articles on lasers at www.laser.nu

Chiropractic care for children

Chiropractic care for children has been proven effective.

Children can benefit from chiropractic care before they are born, by having a mother who receives prenatal chiropractic checkups. A healthy diet, proper exercise, a stress-free environment, and a chiropractic lifestyle help prepare for a happy, healthy baby.Chiropractic adjusting techniques are modified to fit the childs size, weight, and unique spinal problem. Parents often report that their children seem healthier than other kids their age.

Many spinal problems seen in adults begin in childhood. Proper spinal hygiene is an important key to better health. Regular chiropractic checkups are helpful to monitor spinal development as infants sit upright, support their heads, learn to crawl and take their first brave steps.

Common Forms of Chiropractic Therapy

  1. Adjustments

    Adjustments & Acupuncture

    Our goal is to make your visit with Total Body Chiropractic as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Our friendly staff and gentle practitioners will put you at ease.

  2. Exercise

    Workout & Stretching

    Let us help you develop a workout and stretching routine that will get you back in alignment. Exercise is essential to leading a happy, healthy life.

  3. Massage

    Rest and Relaxation

    Massage is also a key element to good health. Call today to schedule one of our many massage treatments options. You will be refreshed and renewed.

Massage treatments

We offer a full line of massage services.

Whether you are looking for a Therapeutic, Deep tissue, Hot Stone,
or Pre-Natal Massage, we have you covered.
Call to schedule an appointment today.

• Therapeutic Massage $70/hr
• Deep Tissue Massage $80/hr
• Hot Stone Massage $112.50/hr
• Pre-Natal Massage $75/hr

Massage Packages

4 - One Hour Massage Package Therapeutic - $260

6 - One Hour Massage Package Therapeutic - $360